The Pankritio Stadium is located in Heraklion, on the west side of the city in a developing area close to major roads and access every part of the city, has a capacity of 26,240 spectators, is one of the most modern stadiums in the country.


           As Olympic install the ATHENS 2004 Games hosted five qualifying football men, five women, one quarterfinal and one semifinal men women. Used as a training center team Ergotelis FC as home games and Championship Greece Cup SUPERLEAGUE Greece. It has hosted international matches of the national football team, the organization track "Tsiklitiria 2004", the international athletics Islands in the Mediterranean. In this concert have been implemented Deep Purples, great Greek composers and performers and dozens panhellenic and local struggles over ten Olympic sports.

The Pankritio Stadium as a multi-purpose sports center with experienced staff and modern facilities TOI has the capability can accommodate any sporting-cultural and artistic expression by providing superior service.

            Includes: two international size football pitches, athletics tracks and eight auxiliary arena six routes, municipal gymnasium, elementary closed swimming pool, multipurpose rooms, conference wrestling boxing, fencing, dance, weightlifting, shooting, Tae KWO DO, rowing simulator, surgery , physiotherapy center with sauna and jacuzzi, conference seminars - meetings, dining area, showroom with photos and artifacts from the 2004 Olympics and SPECIAL OLYMPICS 2011.

The Cretan stage is a versatile athletic center capable of hosting international and national competitions and also be an attraction for recreational and cultural activities for the whole family.